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Communities and Neighbourhoods

There are a number of beautiful neighbourhoods that make up Mississauga. These neighbourhoods include:

Clarkson: The community is located in the south west corner of Mississauga, along the banks of Lake Ontario. The community is bordered by Lake Ontario to the south, Oakville to the west, Erindale and Erin Mills to the north, and Lorne Park to the East. Although the community and the surrounding area consists mostly of a mix of upper and middle class homes, some of the last major industrial sites in Mississauga outline the community, including a Petro-Canada Oil Refinery, a St. Lawrence Cement Terminal, and many other fantastic sites. Clarkson is also home to both of the City of Mississauga's historic museums: Bradley Museum and Benares House.

Erin Mills is a planned community that is located approximately 32 km west of downtown Toronto. Erin Mills is a totally integrated residential, industrial, and commercial community. The town is served by a large mall that is operated by Cadillac Fairview. The centre's parking lot is used for a Farmer's Market.

Lorne Park: This area was once known as an exclusive resort, but has now expanded into a suburban residential neighbourhood. This place was operated by the Toronto Park Association, and included separate parlors for men and women, bowling centres and merry-go-rounds. However, after a series of bankruptcies, the resort lands were sold to cottagers.

Malton: This neighbourhood has a population of approximately 36,400 as of 2002. Malton is unique in the sense that it is isolated from and does not adjoin any other Mississauga neighbourhoods. The two newest developments in Malton are located on Rexwood Road. Both of these developments consist of townhouse complexes of various sizes. The complex located at 7115 Rexwood Road contains two-storey units with basements while the complex located east on Rexwood Road closer to Derry Road contain three-storey units with no basement. A new apartment building development is being built on the east side of Goreway Drive almost immediately north of the traffic lights on Morningstar Drive. There is also a new Long Term Care Centre situated in the middle of the new housing divisions right off of Rexwood Road, but facing Derry Rd.

Streetsville: This neighbourhood holds the largest number of historically designated buildings in Mississauga. Homes for sale in Streetsville have the benefits of a smaller town feel and a variety of community events within the metropolis of Mississauga.

Meadowvale Mississauga Realtors are a newer edition to the Mississauga market, as this was mostly an industrial district before the 1970s. Now, there are several subdivisions popping up in the Meadowvale area.

Other neighbourhoods include Cooksville, Erindale, Lakeview, and Port Credit.

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