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Getting Around In Mississauga

Visit The Miway website to learn the local routes and how to get from A to B. Obviously the major advantage of Mississauga real estate over a condominium, apartment or a home is that it's cheaper and has good access to the rest of the city. For an outlier or suburbanite in a city like Mississauga, transportation is everything, because chances are at least a few times a week you're going to need to go to Toronto proper, either for work or shopping or to visit an entertainment venue. If you're considering relocating to Mississauga, you'll be pleased with the transportation alternatives it offers. Read on for more specifics.

Public Transit

With so many people constantly flitting back and forth between shopping, the office and suburban homes, it was necessary to create a comprehensive and timely public transit system that could handle the traffic and ease the pressure on the overburdened roadways. Mississauga Transit operates an extensive system of bus routes within the city which connects with other bus routes in Oakville and Brampton and the subway system in Toronto. These routes cover all of the major roadways and the stops are never more than a few blocks from all the likely places you may find yourself going.


Though public transportation is increasing in popularity, most people, especially those living in suburban areas, still own cars because of the freedom they offer in terms of routes and timetables. This often leads to road congestion, with everyone trying to make it in from the suburbs to work. Mississauga is connected to Toronto and surrounding environs by several highways: the 401, which links the north end to north Toronto moving along the Quebec City-Windsor corridor, the 403, Mississauga's main freeway, Queen Elizabeth Way, running through the southern half, the 409 to Pearson Airport and the 427, which forms the boundary between Mississauga and Toronto.


As the most heavily populated area of Canada and also the one that was the focus of industry and transportation during the early years of settlement, Mississauga and the rest of the GTA has an extensive rail network. The GO train, a double-decker commuter train which connects Toronto with outlying suburbs like Georgetown, Ontario and Mississauga, is run by VIA rail on a regular timetable. Cities farther from Mississauga can be accessed by VIA rail's regular trains, which generally run once or twice per day and service the entire population corridor in Ontario as well as destinations in the United States and Quebec.


Mississauga is home to the busiest airport in Canada: Toronto Pearson International. The approximate value of a Toronto resale home in cargo takes off or lands every minute at Pearson and the airport services passenger flights from every major international airway from Air India to British Airways. It is also a regional transit hub for smaller Canadian airlines like Air Canada Jazz, Westjet and Sunwing. Pearson has several terminals connected by an internal railway system. From this airport, you can fly to almost any destination in the world.

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