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Seasonal Employment

Whether you're on summer vacation from school or are just in need of a little extra income during the holidays, there are lots of seasonal jobs that are out there for people interested in short-term employment. You could improve your cooking skills by apprenticing with a Caterer during their busy wedding season or could escape on a working vacation to a ski resort for the winter months. Here are some of the most popular seasonal employment opportunities that come up year after year and some tips on securing the right job for you.

In terms of summer work, there are usually going to be some opportunities in larger cities or communities near popular vacation spots in tourism. If you've lived your whole life along the water you could translate your experience into a job giving boat tours or teaching sailing at a local yacht club. Or you could work for one of the venues that hosts summer events and festivals throughout Toronto, Mississauga, and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. Hotels and restaurants with outdoor patios are commonly also hiring extra staff in the summer months as their clientele increases.

If you're not one for working in customer service than there are lots of other outdoor career options during the summer months. Those who like working with their hands can work for a construction company with industrial machinery or lend a hand working for a landscaping firm! If you're someone who really likes getting your hands dirty you could even apply to work for a local farm or a toilet pumper truck driver. From vineyards to berry farms, all of these businesses usually need some extra staff in the summertime.

Camp jobs are also very popular for high school and university-aged students looking for a job to fill their summer vacation. The requirements for working at a camp are usually basic first-aid training, experience working with kids, and some sort of skill that you can pass on to those attending. You could teach children to jump a horse fence at a camp for budding equestrians or teach arts and crafts at a standard day camp for kids in your area. Either can be a very rewarding way to spend your time off.

In the winter one of the main seasonal jobs you will find across the country is working in retail. Everyone needs extra holiday staff and it's a great opportunity to make some extra money to buy all of your presents without dipping into your usual paycheck doing odd jobs or tutoring. For those that are willing to travel for their job, there are also lots of careers working at ski resorts in places like Banff and Whistler.

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